About Us

SMITUS (an acronym for Shop Made In The US) was created as an easy way to find and buy American-made products. While global goods are enticing because it gives consumers the widest choice possible for low prices, there are many reasons to buy products made and manufactured in the USA.

A Consumer Reports National Research study showed that 78% of Americans preferred to buy domestic products. An additional survey showed that 67% of US adults would be willing to pay more for American-made products. Yet, with a lack of transparency by brands and services, it is increasingly difficult to identify products that are made in America.

This site is not politically-driven and we are not “anti” other countries. It is simply meant to empower consumers who wish to buy more American-made products in a simple, clear way. All products on this site have all been vetted and verified as American manufactured or made at the time of posting.


Why buy products made and manufactured in America?
  • Quality: American standards in quality-testing and sourcing materials ensure local accountability and genuine craftsmanship.
  • Jobs: not only does American sourcing and manufacturing create more jobs within brands that are dedicated to it, it creates a trickle down effect of U.S.-related jobs that can best service those brands locally.
  • Economy: Every cent consumers spend on American-made goods goes into the U.S. economy. Not only does U.S. manufacturing generate tax revenue, it creates jobs, and reduces debt.
  • Human Integrity: the rules and regulations of workers around the globe are much more lax than in the U.S. Workers are notoriously underpaid and overworked in factories/plants that supply some of the top brands sold in the U.S.
  • Sustainability: similar to worker rules and regulations, the U.S. has strict environmental regulations that were created to keep our air quality high, be responsible with hazardous waste and chemicals, and reduce pollution. In addition to stricter regulations, American made products reduce the additional carbon footprint of shipping and packing goods from around the world.
  • Independence: reducing our dependence on other countries to supply products creates a more stable position for America and decreases risk of political conflict effecting our economy.

SMITUS Site Disclosure

Products featured on this site are independently selected and verified. SMITUS may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this site if you decide to shop from them.

About the products on this site

Products listed on SMITUS are verified as made in the US at the time of publication. As oftentimes companies change their manufacturing process, please contact us to report contradictory places of origin.

About the brands on this site

Many brands have both US and non-US made products. It should not be assumed that if a brand is on this site that all of their products are made in the US. SMITUS only lists US-made products on this site.