Best Beauty Products for Anti-Aging

It is nearly impossible to keep track of all the beauty products on the market these days.  With the beauty industry raking in hundreds of billions of dollars each year, it’s no surprise that everyone and their mother is trying to get in on the beauty game. So what are the must haves for the forever 28 year old? It comes down to three things: antioxidants (fancy for “killer of aging things”), hydrators, and exfoliants.

Antioxidant: Vitamin C



This Vitamin C serum is the gold standard in antioxidants. It combines Vitamins C and E for maximum protective benefits while adding Ferulic Acid, which enhances the benefits and stability of the vitamins. Use this in the morning under your moisturizer/SPF to help prevent sun damage.





Hydrator: Hyaluronic Acid



Hyaluronic Acid is capable of holding up to 1,000x its own weight in water. Talk about being bloated! This serum will not only restore your skin’s suppleness instantly but replenishes skin hydration over time with regular use. Apply right after washing your face at night.




Exfoliant: Retinal



Retinoid’s  Cinderella, Retinal is said to be more effective yet more gentle than its evil stepsister. This chemical exfoliant turns over skin cells like you just exited the womb. That means more collagen, less wrinkles and dark spots, and brighter skin. While this retinal is significantly less likely to cause irritation than retinoids, if you are new to the retinoid game you can try an even gentler version here. If you’re a beginner, apply once or twice a week after your hyaluronic acid soaks in and work your way up to every day. If you’re still sensitive, try applying after your moisturizer instead.




Exfoliant: Glycolic Acid



While hyaluronic acid is effective at creating cell turnover, glycolic acid is needed to remove impurities from the skin. With this medical-grade glycolic acid cream, you can say goodbye to clogged pores and oiliness, diminishing the appearance of pores. Note that it is normal to feel a slight tingling sensation at first. Alternate use on your retinal off days, after your hyaluronic acid soaks in, until you can tolerate using daily. If you’re still sensitive, try applying after your moisturizer instead.




Hydrator: Intense Moisture Cream



This anti-aging cream is one of the beauty industry’s best kept secrets. It goes on thick but instantly sinks into your skin like butter. Use it nightly to lock in all of your serums





Hydrator: Eye Cream



This eye enhancer cream contains peptides, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and all sorts of fancy products that hydrate your skin while reducing puffiness. Take that, father time!