Defining “Made in the USA”

There are many ways that businesses describe their process and country of origin, some more deceptive or unclear than others. You have probably seen Manufactured in the USA, Made in USA, Assembled in USA, and a few others.

You are only going to see two definitions on this site:

The first is 100% USA:

When you see this “100% USA” icon, it means that all processes occur in the U.S. Not only is the product manufactured or assembled in the U.S, but all materials come from the U.S.

The second is Made in USA:

This “Made in USA” icon means that the item is manufactured or assembled in the U.S. and may be made with U.S materials, imported materials, or a mixture of both. There are many companies on this site that make a best effort to keep all elements in the U.S. but have one or two parts/elements that are imported. You will see this occur a lot with electronics and clothing specifically. There are also companies on this site that import materials but keep all manufacturing and assembly in the U.S. Lastly, there are companies that are less transparent about where their materials come from. If material source cannot be verified but we know it is made (assembled/manufactured) in the US, we will list a product in this category until we can verify where the materials are sourced.

In addition to a simple labeling system, it must be understood that the products listed on this site are confirmed USA-made according to the above two labels. However, there are brands on this site that have items both made in the USA and not made in the USA. The only items listed here will be made in the USA. Should you order from a brand on this site where that specific product is not listed here, it may not be USA-made. This is why it is so important to search products on this site for American made!

Lastly, wherever possible we include the city and state of the manufacturing or factory locations. This may differ from the company’s headquarters. As we are focused on where the products come from and where the employees that make them are located, we do not include corporate locations unless they happen to be the same as manufacturing locations. In cases where there are several U.S-based manufacturing locations and the exact location information is not available, we provide the most likely location for the product.