The best mascara brands made in the USA!

Finding American-made mascara is actually exhausting! There are many reasons why so many products are made around the world. Whether it be a patent, certain ingredients, or specialized manufacturing expertise, companies often outsource production to other countries due to efficiency and logistics challenges. There are a few products specifically that really seem to be a challenge in the U.S., and that includes mascara! Looking for top-rated mascara made in the U.S.? Look no further!!!! Here are the best mascara brands made here in the U.S.A!

Top Pick: Glossier

GLOSSIER tops the charts with their Lash Slick mascara and the more 3,000 stellar reviews proves it! This nourishing formula not only enhances your lashes, but nourishes and stays put!

Review from “This is now the only mascara I use. It is very light, and as someone who likes light makeup, it’s perfect! It lengthens my eyelashes while still making them look almost makeup-free (no clumping!). Favorite mascara.”

Second Pick: Stila

STILA is another show-stopper with their high-drama Huge Extreme Lash Mascara! This all in one smudge-proof mascara gives you volume, length, and curl for overall drama!
Review from “This is an excellent mascara! Even with one or two coats it has major impact – length and volume. The brush is great, goes on easy without clumping. It’s a go to in my collection.”

Third Pick: Thrive

Thrive Causmetics rounds out the list with their Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara. This award-winning mascara will not only give you show-stopping lashes that won’t clump, but will nourish your lashes while you wear it! They have nearly 20,000 reviews to prove this mascara’s bite is as big as its bark.


Review from “Love this mascara! Makes your lashes look like they doubled in volume. I won’t ever use any other mascara!”