School Smart: Composition Paper

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White paper is ruled on both sides with 1 inch ruling, 1/2 inch broken midline, and a 1/2 inch skip space that allows room for descenders. Sold as pack of 500 sheets. Ideal for Grades K to 1.

  • Ruled long way, 11 x 8-1/2 inches
  • 500 sheets
  • Composition paper with 1 inch ruled lines in long (versus short) format provides more room for practicing letters or writing sentences
  • Lined paper for kids is specifically designed and approved for beginning writers and practicing penmanship
  • Dotted middle guideline of handwriting paper helps with proper sizing and letter line-up
  • Large economical pack of lined writing paper provides plenty of use in early child classrooms, children with special needs, childcare centers, and after-school home practice


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